Support for FAIR PLAY


FAIR PLAY is a joint initiative between the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) and the major UK farming unions (NFU, NFU Scotland, Ulster Farmers Union). All four organisations support the campaign’s objective to safeguard investment in plant breeding by optimising the collection of FSS payments from individual farmers. The campaign is also widely supported across the UK agri-food sector.



“Plant breeders are at the forefront of efforts to apply science and innovation to improve the productivity, climate resilience and resource-use efficiency of crop production. The FAIR PLAY campaign has come a long way in tackling the gap in FSS payments, and securing investment in future breeding innovation.”


Richard Summers,

Head of Cereal Breeding and Research, RAGT Seeds Ltd



“FAIR PLAY promotes a collaborative, industry-wide approach to safeguard vital investment in plant breeding. The farming unions fully support the campaign’s objectives to ensure all farmers contribute fairly for the benefits of improved varieties, bred for our markets and growing conditions.”


Mike Hambly,

NFU Combinable Crops Board



“Farmers need access to new varieties for improved yields, quality and disease resistance, and to cope with emerging challenges such as climate change and loss of key crop protection tools. These benefits are at risk if the industry does not support future investment in UK-based plant breeding.”


Paul Temple,

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds



“A rapidly expanding knowledge base in crop genetics offers the potential to transform the productivity and sustainability of UK crop production. By developing new varieties tailored to UK growing conditions, plant breeders provide the route to market for scientific innovation. These opportunities may be lost without investment in a hi-tech, research intensive commercial breeding sector.”


Dr Tina Barsby,




“Innovation in plant breeding has helped flour millers use more UK wheat in the grist, reversing Britain’s historical dependence on imported breadwheat. The competitiveness of our sector depends on a thriving plant breeding sector to deliver improvements in the yield, quality and performance of home-grown cereal varieties.”


Alex Waugh,


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